• November 20, 2014
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Breaking Through The Holiday Clutter

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Consumers are inundated with marketing messages on an average day, so the influx of holiday advertising makes the competition for attention even more intense. When you’ve got only a few precious moments of your audience’s attention to resonate, how do you break through the holiday clutter?

1) Remember The Off Dates
Sure, Cyber Monday (12/1) was the biggest day in online shopping last year. But did you know the second biggest online shopping day was actually just the regular Tuesday after Cyber Monday, and not Black Friday? Out of the top 10 online spending days, $4.3B was spent on Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Black Friday, but a whopping $8.2B was spent on non-key dates [1]. Lesson learned here is: don’t put all your eggs in the Black Friday basket.

2) Stand Out—Don’t “Stick Out”
Perhaps we should have called this “6 Ways to Rise Above The Holiday Clutter,” because one of the best ways you can stand out this holiday season is to avoid “breaking” the user experience. Native Advertising was a big buzzword for marketers this year, and with good reason—it works. Keeping your content germane to your chosen marketing platform means your brand is organically integrated into the experience that consumers are actively seeking out.

3) Adopt A Mobility Mindset
Whether it’s a typical day or a holiday, keep your audience’s media consumption habits at the center of your marketing strategy. Campaigns should be diversified enough to reach the right audience at the right time, which means you need to take a consumer-centric, device-agnostic approach to this increasingly connected world. Brands must recognize that in an untethered world, consumers aren’t concerned with what screen gives them the content they’re looking for as long as they get it on their terms.

4) Give Value To Get Value
‘Tis the season for giving, after all, so gift your loyal consumers something they crave. At Pandora, we recommend an engagement-based ad solution like Sponsored Listening which rewards listeners with an hour of uninterrupted listening in exchange for watching a brand video or interacting with a brand website.

5) Go Custom For Your Consumer
Thoughtful gifts go a very long way during the holidays. Build a lasting impression by delivering custom content that expresses your brand in a creative manner. A recent Captora study found that 61% of customers prefer companies with custom online content [2]. With a customized solution such as a Genre Station Sponsorship, your brand can sponsor a holiday station of your choosing, giving your listeners the content they crave that’s aligned with your brand’s seasonal or strategic goals.

6) The Holidays Aren’t The Holidays Without Music
We don’t mean to brag, but we know a thing or two about music. However, you don’t need to know everything about music to know that music and the holidays go hand in hand. In a recent survey, we asked listeners, “How important are the following holiday activities?”, to which respondents were asked to rate 11 different holiday activities according to their importance. “Listening to music” topped the list, second only to “visiting with family.”[3] So whatever your holiday strategy may be: if you want to break through and be heard­, music should be at the top of your holiday shopping list.

[1] Source: comScore, ‘Top 10 U.S. Online Spending Days of 2013’, January 2014.
[2] Source: Mashable, ‘61% of Consumers Prefer Companies With Custom Online Content’, August 2014
[3] Pandora Internal Survey Research, Sept 14

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