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  • October 9, 2015
  • 2 minute read

Case Study: Florida Hospital Reaches Healthcare Consumers on Mobile

As technology has evolved, so have healthcare consumers. Many are now seeking to curate their healthcare experiences to fit their lives, which are increasingly mobile. A recent survey found that 71% of Millennials would prefer their providers to use mobile apps to book appointments, share health data and manage preventative care1. We can expect this trend to continue as this segment ages, and as the general population adopts new technology.

Healthcare providers must respond to this demand by evolving their marketing strategies to meet the expectations of a more connected audience. Creating experiences that foster engagement and capture attention on mobile is key. Memorial Healthcare System, a hospital serving South Florida residents since 1953, did just that when they partnered with Pandora to promote an online cardiac risk assessment form, which led to a 500% increase in mobile traffic.

The Goal

Memorial Healthcare System was looking to promote a new, free online cardiac risk assessment tool and build awareness for their cardiac services. They specifically wanted to reach their target demographic of adults, ages 40-55 years old, in the South Florida area. Memorial Healthcare and their interactive advertising agency, MoreVisibility, partnered with Pandora to achieve the following marketing objectives:

  • Drive traffic to the online cardiac risk assessment tool
  • Engage consumers within target demographic and geographic areas
  • Generate new patients for the hospital

The Opportunity

With 80% of total listening hours occurring on mobile and other connected devices, Pandora is an effective medium for reaching busy, on-the-go consumers of all ages. Additionally, 81% of Pandora listeners report using mobile devices for healthcare-related activities2. With this in mind, Memorial Healthcare and MoreVisibility recognized that Pandora was a great fit to reach highly-engaged healthcare consumers on desktop, tablet and on mobile.

The Pandora Solution

Memorial Healthcare leveraged a strategic mix of Pandora advertising solutions to capture quality attention for their brand message:

Audio Everywhere: Cross-platform audio served across web, mobile, tablet and more than 1,000 connected devices.

Display Everywhere: Delivered to engaged listeners only upon interaction.

Geo and Demo Targeting: Ensured the campaign reaches a precise audience without waste.


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The Results

During the two-week Pandora campaign, Memorial Healthcare System saw a 500% increase in mobile traffic to the online cardiac risk assessment tool. The campaign drove more than 37,000 clicks from a qualified audience representing the hospital’s target demographic and geographic areas. The Display Everywhere component alone garnered a 1.30% CTR, which is 69% higher than Pandora’s internal benchmark.


1 Salesforce and Harris Poll, “Salesforce 2015 State of the Connected Patient,” February 2015

2 Pandora Soundboard, Healthcare Poll, April 2015

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