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  • April 20, 2015
  • 3 minute read

Case Study: Lexus Utilizes Experiential to Launch New Vehicle Series


For marketers, making a meaningful connection with people in today’s world is more complex than ever. With thousands of advertising messages competing for their attention and a finite amount of time in the day, the value of consumers’ time comes at a premium for automotive brands.
The Challenge: Drive Awareness and Consideration for a New Nameplate

Lexus Los Angeles Dealer Association and their agency, Team One, needed to find a unique way to launch a new series of performance vehicles targeted to affluent adults 25-44, with a keen focus on driving success against the following objectives:

Build awareness for their new line of performance vehicles in the LA region

Inspire engagement with the brand
Drive purchase consideration and lead generation

How did Lexus navigate this challenge and drive meaningful engagement with their vehicles? The answer: experiential.
The Pandora Solution: Deliver an Experience

Lexus partnered with Pandora to create a series of four custom events, theLexus Pop Up Concert Series, which allowed them to connect in-person with their target audience through the passion point of live music.

So, how did this come to life?

Identify trending artists: Leveraging the Music Genome Project, Pandora’s proprietary algorithm, we saw that artists MAGIC!, Nico & Vinz, Kongos, and Tegan & Sara were trending among the target demo in the LA region, and Pandora’s Artist Partnerships team booked them for the series
Target and invite fans on Pandora: Listeners within the target demo who were fans of those four artists were served individualized invitations from Lexus to attend one of these intimate shows, providing not only a memorable experience for attendees but a perfect setting for the bands who wanted to play for a room full of their passionate fans
Deliver a truly special experience: To bring the Lexus brand to life in a unique way, each event took place at a different venue – ranging from a airplane hangar to a museum – where the brand and vehicle’s elegance were showcased. Attendees were engaged via a number of activations, including an interactive social photo booth, a fully branded step-and-repeat, and a beautifully staged car onsite with a product specialist there to educate guests on the new vehicle and collect their information for lead generation
The Result: Experiential Moves the Needle

The Lexus Pop Up Concert Series is a perfect example of how a brand and their agency leveraged data-driven audience insights and the power of experiential to launch a new series of vehicles in a truly unique way.

We wanted to prove this definitively, so Pandora and Lexus tapped a trusted third party, Nielsen, to measure the success of the event at delivering against the brand’s key objectives, and what we found were positive results across the board:

Built awareness for their new line of performance vehicles in the LA region: When asked what auto brand is top of mind, 29% of attendees said Lexus
Inspired engagement with the brand: Attendees were 23% more likely to seek information about Lexus
Drove purchase consideration and lead generation: 49% of attendees said they would consider purchasing a Lexus – which is over 3x higher than those who did not attend. Similarly, attendees were 13% more likely to visit a Lexus dealership and 15% more likely to test drive a vehicle
“Our partnership with Pandora allows us to target a younger, affluent audience with the Lexus brand and product, like the IS and CT,” said Kevin Fletcher, General Manager, Lexus Western Area. “We connect fans with their favorite artists and give them an experience they won’t forget.”

“Pandora data allows us to target a fan of a specific artist, whom we also want to connect with the Lexus brand,” said Jamie Elliott, Account Supervisor, Team One. “By giving that fan a free concert with their favorite artist – including a surprise meet and greet for Lexus owners – Lexus, Team One, and Pandora are able to provide an unforgettable experience.”

The Lexus Pop Up Concert Series has proven so successful that the Los Angeles Lexus Dealer Association has recommitted for a full year of events in 2015, with the first one happening May 28 in Hollywood, CA.

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