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  • June 20, 2016
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Celebrating Creativity through Sight: Pandora's Visual Ad Experience

Celebrating Creativity through Sight: Pandora's Visual Ad Experience

June 19, 2016

The advertising community gathers at Cannes Lions this week to celebrate the power of creativity. At Pandora, creativity is the beating heart of the music people discover and love. It’s also the lifeblood that advertisers pour into their work to create a truly connected experience for their audience.

This week, we’re #celebratingcreativity by showcasing our innovative brand partners and their inspirational campaigns that feature attention-based media solutions through the use of Sight, Sound, Motion, Storytelling and Social Change.

To help the industry reclaim the mobile impression, Pandora is releasing an exclusive advertising solution this Summer called the Visual Ad Experience: a series of native, mobile ad formats that make rich media, video and display ads more impactful and effective for marketers.


This next visual evolution of Pandora’s native, mobile ads captures people’s attention with a larger creative canvas that fits seamlessly into our visual environment. Through initial testing with 1% of our mobile audience, we’re sending a more qualified audience to advertisers.

● Time spent on brand’s landing pages increased by 11%
● Doubled the number of listeners who engage with a brand’s landing page for more than 30 seconds

60% of listeners take Padora with them when they shop

You don’t need to attend Cannes to know that creativity is the currency of our culture.

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