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  • September 3, 2014
  • 2 minute read

Driving More Control Within Brand Stations: Introducing In-Station Audio Ads


In the world of digital marketing, capturing true attention is extremely challenging as consumers have more entertainment options than ever before, all constantly competing for their eyes and ears. While the war wages on for the attention of your target audiences, we here at Pandora believe that delivering true value to the listener is what guides a meaningful connection between your brand and the people with whom you aspire to build a relationship.

But how do you breakthrough to deliver true value? One way we think you can do this is enabling your brand to be the executive producer of an exclusive, branded listening experience that’s tailored to your audience and allows your brand’s message to grow deeper with every song that plays. This value exchange is the cornerstone behind our Brand Station Platform which provides custom music content while supporting innovative marketing opportunities. Today, we are excited to announce the newest addition to the Brand Station programming repertoire: In-Station Audio Ads.

In-Station Audio Ads enable your brand to go beyond controlling the look and feel of your station and the music that plays to drive the sound of your brand. It allows you to strategically insert your brand message into the station experience via audio advertising where you can select the frequency and sequence of the messages.

How does it work?

• To empower brand awareness in a fully-immersive experience, we’ve allowed for additional control in delivery of In-Station Audio Ads on Web, Mobile, and Tablet devices.
• Each station allows for up to 5 audio spots that can be served in rotation or sequentially, allowing brands flexibility in their messaging strategy.
• Advertisers can customize their stations to include “welcome messages” to kick-off their brand stations, or develop a longer form story by implementing sequential audio ads.
• In combination with a high impact visual canvas, brands can deliver a one-two punch of audio and display messaging that gives their audience the ability to take action and engage.

As always, the focus of Brand Stations is to deliver value to our listeners, so towing the line between interruption and messaging is an ever important one. Brands like Toyota, Jeep, W Hotels and Toshiba have all been driving their message through the platform. Paired with our Promoted Stations beta, another powerful tool in our Brand Station Platform arsenal, In-Station Audio Ads are enabling brands to break through the clutter and drive their message. We look forward to hearing yours.

Reach out to your Pandora rep or to get the party started.

Keep on rocking in the (ad supported) free world,

Jack Krawczyk
Director, Advertising Product Management

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