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  • June 17, 2016
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Esurance’s Serial Sponsorship Drove Positive Lift in Brand Favorability

Esurance’s Serial Sponsorship Drove Positive Lift in Brand Favorability

June 16, 2016

Podcasts have gained steady popularity over the last 10 years, building an audience of almost 90 million U.S. listeners in 2015.1 The long-form, storytelling nature of podcasts captures users’ active attention and guarantees they’ll return time and again. Seeing an opportunity to diversify their audio content and increase podcast listener reach, Pandora first ventured into podcasting by partnering with Serial on their Season 2 premiere. To date, the company has seen great success with the program by introducing today’s most popular podcast to new listeners and creating a unique advertising opportunity for brands.

Esurance, the insurance company for the modern world, partnered with Serial on Pandora through a first-to-market launch sponsorship that drove positive lifts in typically hard-to-move brand favorability metrics. Among Serial listeners, sponsorship association and brand favorability for Esurance showed a positive increase. Keep reading to learn how Esurance achieved success through a strategic alignment with one of today’s most up-and-coming media formats.

Deep Dive: The Secret to the Perfect Partnership

Esurance’s Serial sponsorship on Pandora demonstrates a perfect marriage of brands. The investigative podcast drew in massive listenership after Season One, largely due to host Sarah Koenig’s thoughtful and trustworthy journalistic style. As a brand seeking to maintain its reputation as a trusted partner to current customers and insurance seekers, sponsoring the launch of Season Two was an opportunity to align with authentic, credible content.

For the duration of the sponsorship, Esurance owned 100% share-of-voice of the in-station experience. Esurance spokesperson John Krasinski recorded custom audio spots that welcomed listeners to the Serial station. The ad was written in the podcast style, promoting sponsor support and the brand’s tagline: Insurance for the Modern World®. John’s voiceover talent brought brand equity to the experience and increased ad recall. Esurance also had persistent display branding on web, mobile, and tablet, so that listeners had the opportunity to learn more about the company at any moment.

The Results: In-depth Analytics

By surrounding podcast content within a digital experience, Serial on Pandora gave Esurance in-depth measurement and analytics from the sponsorship. Overall, the podcast garnered 11.7 million streams during Esurance’s sponsorship, creating signficant time spent with their messaging.2

Esurance’s most insightful learnings into the campaign’s performance came through a brand study partnership with digital measurement company, Milward Brown. Once the sponsorship ended, Esurance was pleased to learn that Serial on Pandora positively affected brand favorability and sponsorship association.

● 3x Increase in sponsorship association
● Positive increase in brand favorability and digital ad awareness3
60% of listeners take Padora with them when they shop

Esurance saw the advantages of sponsoring relevant, contextual content resulting from these strong campaign results, and hope to partner with Pandora in the future as they expand into new opportunities.

1 Edison Research and Triton Digital
2 Pandora Internal Metrics
3 Milward Brown Brand Study Results

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