• June 18, 2014
  • 2 minute read

Summer Weather Means Holiday Planning for Marketers


This winter was a long one and we know it seems a bit cruel to be thinking about a season that reminds you of snow shoveling and pre-heating your car just when summer is finally here.

We also know that if you work in marketing and you want to be prepared for what experts are forecasting will be a truly historic season for spending, you need to start crafting your holiday strategy. We’re not the bad guys; we’re just being honest. Think we’re being premature? You may want to keep reading…

Think beyond the day after Thanksgiving. The boom in mobile commerce is revolutionizing the way consumers shop. Overall, holiday mCommerce grew 50% year-over-year, with no slowing in sight for 20141. This mobility shift is not just in spend, but in behavior as well. Can you name the biggest day in online shopping in all of 2013? If you guessed Cyber Monday (12/1), you’re right. But do you know the second biggest online shopping day in 2013? We bet you didn’t know it was just the regular Tuesday after Cyber Monday, not Black Friday. Out of the top ten online spending days, $4.3B were spent on Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Black Friday, but a whopping $8.2B were spent on non-key dates2. Consumers are no longer bound by traditional sales events. Ask yourself, is your campaign “ready to last from Halloween to New Years?”

Have you planned a cross-channel approach? Last year, more than 1 in 4 (29%) online orders came from mobile devices3. Just as the season spending has stretched in length, it’s also become diversified across channels. The mobility shift calls for marketers to be more prepared than ever before, but the mobility mindset marketers must adopt is not just about mobile. Holiday campaigns should be diversified enough to reach the right audience at the right time, which means you need to take a consumer-centric, device-agnostic approach to this increasingly connected world. You must recognize that in an untethered world, consumers are not concerned with what screen gives them the content they’re looking for as long as they get it on their terms. A coordinated cross channel approach is an imperative to an effective holiday campaign.

Trust us, we know how to handle the holidays. We’re excited for summer too, but with the holiday spike Pandora gets, we’re the first to put the AC on and focus on our holiday plans. Last year nearly 1 in 3 Americans spent time on Pandora during the holiday season4. We’re not saying you have to break out the decorations or the music (although we can definitely help you with that) but if you work in marketing…the holidays are here.

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