• November 10, 2016
  • 2 minute read

Introducing Harmonic Audio Network

By: John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer at Pandora

For a long time, advertisers turned to ad networks to achieve massive reach with a cost-efficient price tag. But this strategy often led to placements in unfavorable environments and with low listener engagement. Today that is changing.

Along with established streaming audio publishers, TuneIn and AccuRadio, I’m proud to announce that Pandora is bringing the industry a new alternative to traditional broadcast and digital audio networks.

Harmonic Audio Network will provide advertisers with the scale and simplicity they’re used to, plus the quality they need to plan more effective network buys. We are excited to take this important first step to revolutionize network audio, and look forward to partnering with more premium publishers in the future.

Taking a Listener-First Approach

With shrinking attention spans and exposure to thousands of advertising messages a day, media dollars have to work overtime to make an impact. Quality is perhaps the most important tactic for winning this battle for attention--and when it comes to audio, quality starts with the listener.

At Pandora, we sum this up in the mantra: “What is good for the listener is good for the advertiser.” We see this pay off for our brands all the time. When a user loves their listening experience, they are naturally more engaged with the content and receptive to brand messages. TuneIn and AccuRadio both embody this same listener-focused mindset.

Quality + Scale + Simplicity = A Better Audio Network

On the Harmonic Audio Network, mass reach and quality are no longer mutually exclusive. Brands can hit aggressive impression goals with a mix of inventory offered at competitive pricing.

Whereas most digital audio networks include non-exclusive inventory, the Harmonic Audio Network ensures exclusivity among its partners. In other words, we offer inventory that no other organization can. This keeps frequency at a minimum so listeners aren’t annoyed with the same, repetitive ads. Advertisers can also sleep better at night knowing their audio spots aren’t running alongside controversial programs or questionable, user-generated content.

Transacting with Harmonic Audio Network still embodies the simplicity network buyers have come to expect. Like always, Pandora’s award-winning sales and client services teams are available to make placing buys on the network a seamless experience. We’ve also integrated with major buying systems, STRATA and Mediaocean, under the call letters PHAR-SM for those that prefer an automated method of purchasing.

Taking the First Step Together

With Americans spending 4+ hours a day listening to audio, brands are using the power of this medium to tell compelling stories and engage hard-to-reach consumers. By coming together with other leading audio publishers, we’re raising the bar on audio ad networks. We are thrilled to partner with TuneIn and Accuradio, who prioritize the same high-quality listener experience. Personally, I can’t wait to see advertisers reap the benefits that come when you place quality first.

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