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  • April 4, 2014
  • 2 minute read

Mobile Travel Providers, Start Your Campaigns Now: A Case Study


It may seem far away but the summer vacation season will be here before we know it and people are beginning to plan their days in the sun. According to Expedia, early-bird travel planning for summer vacations peaks in January, while late-comers scramble for last minute tickets and reservations in June. Throughout the intervening months, demand for bookings remains high. That means it’s time to put your mobile travel campaigns on high. Here’s how Pandora can help.

The Facts

In 2013, 40% of hotels were expected to employ mobile apps to better serves their guests, and 70% of hotels expect to use apps by 2015, according to a survey conducted by Hospitality Technology and reported by eMarketer in September last year. Of the traveling consumers using hotels’ apps, 72% used them to get reservations, 50% used them to search for hotel properties and 44% used them to offer real-time feedback about their stay, according to eMarketer.

But in order for hotels and other travel companies to get people to use their apps, consumers must know about them, and the ease-of-use and value that come with them.

The Challenge

That’s why a well-known mobile travel app publisher partnered with Pandora. They wanted to tap into our huge base of 75 million unique monthly listeners to acquire new customers and extend life time value for their worldwide offerings. They wanted to increase service registrations and hotel bookings.

The Solution

Pandora put together a unique package for this travel publisher, one that included high impact Pandora mobile products, day parting and dynamic creative optimization, which allows us to differentiate and custom-tailor ad creative to specific audiences using our listeners’ data, greatly increasing the chance of click-through.

Using this creative optimization, we were able to optimize for registrations, bookings and purchase information. Plus, because the client was willing to pass us registration information, we were able to vary CPMs based on the lifetime value of customers of varying ages and genders, as well as vary the messaging depending on day of the week, targeting weekend travelers with unique creative.

The Results

Mission accomplished. Pandora helped this travel app publisher realize 10,000 installs per month and double its return on advertising spend. We also provided our client with greater visibility into each audience segments lifetime value.

Every summer vacation has its own soundtrack. To find more about how you can use the power of music to increase your visibility in a cost-effective way that adds to your bottom line, contact your Pandora rep, or give us your info here and we’ll be in touch.

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