• August 8, 2014
  • 1 minute read

Pandora Hispanic Scores Big on comScore


Historically, marketers have experienced challenges with validating Hispanic audience metrics – with little to no visibility into what is accurate. In the past, advertisers looking to reach Hispanic audiences at scale have had difficulties in understanding publisher reach, and who or what will pack the biggest punch.

Until now. With the recent advancement of comScore’s Media Metrix capabilities, marketers are able to more accurately determine Hispanic audience reach across all publications and platforms.

And the numbers are huge for Pandora.

In Media Metrix & Mobile Metrix reporting, comScore utilizes enumeration of online Hispanic population, panel recruitment and real time tracking of online activity. This is done across each geography that has Hispanic reporting available in comScore.

With nearly 19 million Hispanic Monthly Unique Visitors (MUVs), Pandora ranks as:

  • #1 Among Hispanic Endemic Publishers with a larger Hispanic audience than Univision, Telemundo Digital, Terra.com, Batanga, Yahoo En Espanol, and ESPN Deportes – combined!
  • #1 Music Streaming Property
  • #6 on Top Domains
  • #11 on Top Properties
  • #1 Mobile Exclusive Property Against:
    • Hispanic Endemic
    • Music Streaming
    • Top Domains
Even though Pandora has had a robust and engaged Hispanic audience for a long time, it is exciting for us to see our data authenticated by an accredited, third party source.

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Mike Reid | Executive Director – Multicultural | Pandora
Source: comScore Media Metrix – MultiPlatform, June 2014

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