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  • June 16, 2015
  • 3 minute read

Pandora’s Premium Programmatic Solution Offers Brands a Quality Environment

Pandora Premium Programmatic

Remember when you were a kid, staring at that big gumball machine, and all you wanted was to get your hands on a bright blue, berry-flavored gumball? Knowing you didn’t have much control over which one you got, you would insert a quarter and wait for luck to decide. Now, imagine we live in a world where you can finally ask for and receive the exact gumball flavor you want, and get it in real time. In the advertising world, this is what programmatic accomplishes. Your display ads are delivered to the right audience at the optimal place and time.

Everyday our team is tasked with building Pandora’s suite of ad solutions to provide real, measurable value for our marketing partners. Over the last five months, we began offering Premium Programmatic through a Private Exchange to select partners in a beta. Our team has been busy testing and enhancing our programmatic solution on mobile display and refining it on web, so that today we are thrilled to officially extend Pandora Premium Programmatic to all advertisers.

Not only does Pandora Premium Programmatic unlock the streamlined efficiencies of programmatic media buying, but it does so in a way that engages a viewable, quality audience at scale, all within a safe environment for your brand. It’s about ensuring that ads are truly reaching people, rather than fraudulent ad bots. Approaching programmatic in this way—through a Private Exchange with a trusted digital partner, like Pandora—is the ad industry’s recipe for successfully reaching the right audience, with the right contextual messaging, at the right time.

There are various programmatic options available right now, so we’ve designed Pandora’s solution to deliver an enhanced experience for listeners and advertisers alike. With Premium Programmatic, marketers gain access to real benefits that will drive brand success:

1. Viewable, Attention-Based Media Reaches Quality Audiences

Since Pandora first launched on the web, our advertising solutions have been architected with attention and engagement in mind. All of our display ads are only served when a listener takes an action, like thumbing-up a song or changing stations, which ensures that your message is being received by real people. With no “below the fold” placements on desktop or mobile, and with only one ad served at a time, your brand can capture the 100% share of attention it deserves, validated by your DSP’s viewability tags.

2. Enhanced, Data-Rich Targeting Allows for Contextual Messaging

Pandora Premium Programmatic lets brands tailor their message to Pandora listeners by taking advantage of our 1st-party data. As one of the largest logged-in user bases in the country, our rich targeting capabilities are driven by the insightful data points we’ve been processing from our listeners for nearly a decade. This data includes declared information submitted at registration, music listening preferences, as well as other behaviors and inferred characteristics.

3. Premium, Brand-Safe Environment Fueled By the Passion Point of Music

According to a recent Nielsen study, 75% of people choose music as their top form of entertainment [1]. We firmly believe that music is a universal language that unites all of life’s moments and transcends age, region and culture. Advertising on Pandora lets marketers tap into a passionate audience that is highly receptive to brand messaging. Our Premium Programmatic solution can ensure that your brand is part of the right moments, especially those that can only be captured in real-time.

Beginning today, we invite advertisers to buy Premium Programmatic on Pandora by accessing our Private Exchange, where marketers can bid on premium display inventory across mobile and web. Get in touch with our programmatic team to determine how your brand can amp up its marketing effectiveness with Pandora Premium Programmatic.

— Jack Krawczyk, Vice President, Advertising Product Management


[1] Nielsen, Music 360 Study, January 2015

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