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  • May 6, 2014
  • 1 minute read

Introducing Promoted Stations


Native ads address a massive opportunity for consumers and advertisers alike – how can you capture the intentions of someone at just the right moment, and then answer those intentions with branded content that is valuable and relevant?

At Pandora we constantly experiment with new ways to connect listeners, artists, and advertisers, and today we’re excited to start talking about a new ad format called Promoted Stations.

If you’re a Pandora listener, you may have noticed various stations where brands act as curators and producers to deliver premium content from a vast array of artists and genres. Just last week I tuned into the new brand station Bacardi Loud & Untameable and was immensely excited to find exclusive tracks from White Denim, my favorite live act I’ve seen this year.

skechers-in-recs---2x3-aspect-ratioSo you have this amazing content, but how do you get the word out? Of course, you can use all sorts of existing display, audio, and video ads to build your brand station audience, but how do you capture that moment when a listener knows they want to change stations, but haven’t yet decidedwhich station?

With Promoted Stations you can place your brand station as a recommendation within the station list, so that a listener who is browsing for their next listening experience can consider your brand’s content alongside their existing stations. Listeners can tune in with a single click, and your station will be added to their list so they can come back again and again as you add new songs and artists into your experience.

Promoted Stations is currently in beta, with a select group of advertisers and only a subset of listeners currently exposed to the new product. We’ll grow this audience throughout the year as we fine-tune our algorithms and listener experience, and we’re thrilled to see how far this feature will go in empowering bands, brands and fans to reap the benefits of delivering the best music to the right listeners at the right time.

Jonathan Eccles
Product Manager, Native Ads

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