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  • November 25, 2014
  • 3 minute read

Reaching Runners – A Mobile Branding Best Practice


Pandora and Skechers Performance Division recently won the 2014 Mobile Mafia Award for Best B2C Branding. We’re honored to have won the award but we’re truly thrilled with this campaign and wanted to let others know more about this fantastic program.

The Goal:

Skechers, a global leader in the footwear industry, had a goal to drive awareness for its Performance Division footwear with their target demographic, adults over the age of 18. The brand team aimed to launch a consumer-relevant program focused on three specific marketing objectives:

  1. Engage the Skechers Performance target consumer
  2. Increase consumer time spent with the Skechers Performance brand
  3. Build an engaged audience for Skechers Performance to interact with

The Opportunity:

Music is an integral part of so many runners training routines, as is training with mobile devices. Pandora has over 59M mobile app UVs on Smartphones alone. Skechers Performance Division recognized this opportunity to utilize Pandora’s strong reach among mobile consumers through the passion point of music.

The Pandora Solution:

The Skechers Performance campaign centered around six Mixtape Stations hosted on Pandora’s Brand Station Platform. Each of Skechers’ six Mixtapes were made up of hand-selected songs chosen by Pandora’s Curation Team to suit a variety of training needs and running distances: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, Intervals and Warm Up/Cool Down. Songs were selected based on beats-per-minute to individually tailor the listening experience to each specific training environment. Pandora listeners could add one or several of these stations to their personal station list to tune in quickly and easily at their convenience.


Skechers Performance really wanted to empower and support runners beyond footwear with these stations, so additional custom in-station ads were served to provide running tips and motivation during each listening session. This created a positive and helpful training resource that runners would want to re-engage with time and time again.

Pandora’s sophisticated targeting capabilities ensured that all driving media reached only the listeners that fit within Skechers Performance Division’s target audience. Display and audio ads were used across web, mobile and tablet to reinforce the Skechers Performance brand, raise awareness for the Training Stations and drive station adds. Skechers Performance Division also tested the beta version of Pandora’s new native ad unit, “Promoted Stations”, which promoted the Skechers Performance stations to listeners in their station lists, to create top-of-mind awareness among Pandora listeners.

The “Finish Line” Results:

• More than 102,000 Pandora listeners added a Training Station, with more than two-thirds of these additions via mobile. These are listeners who have actually opted in to hear more from Skechers Performance Division and they total more than 4x the number of Twitter followers for the brand overall.

• Listeners tuned into the stations for over 73,000 hours – the equivalent of 8.3 years spent with the stations and with the Skechers Performance brand.

Program generated close to 43 minutes of engagement per listener overall.

Skechers Executive Director of Public Relations, Jolene Abbott, said of their Pandora campaign, “Our branded stations proved to be immensely effective in building an engaged audience for the Skechers Performance brand—and with mobile driving the majority of engagement, we were also successful in reaching a key target demo: on-the-go, active consumers.”

With good content, as always, context is key. The Skechers Training Stations campaign was contextually relevant by communicating the Skechers Performance message and providing true value to the right people at the right time – training music stations to listeners on training runs. Beyond achieving the goal of increasing consumer time spent with the Skechers Performance brand, these stations were a great audience builder for the Skechers Performance Division and a useful training tool for runners. The campaign has proven so successful that Skechers Performance Division relaunched their Pandora training stations so runners can enjoy the campaign run (pun intended) until the end of year.

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