• January 26, 2018
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Pandora Predicts: 2018 Grammy Winners

We’re only two days away from the 60th Annual Grammy Awards – arguably the biggest night in music for all artists, producers and writers. Much more than just the top 40 artists, the Grammys celebrates music and the creation thereof across 84 different categories, including Best Gospel Album, Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and Best Spoken Word Album (including poetry, audio books and storytelling).

While the Grammys doesn’t take album sales or chart positions into account when deciding the winner of their prestigious awards, we’re pretty sure that if they did, Pandora would be able to predict the winners.

Pandora is a Data Company

For marketers, it seems that no matter how fast we chase down Big Data, we continue to find ourselves in a world with more data and less insights. It’s no secret that brands who can execute campaigns based on data-driven insights have a competitive advantage. But for advertisers and marketers especially, knowing how to extract and apply actionable insights to a media plan is critical to making an impression with the right consumers.

The best way to approach Big Data is with an audience-first mindset. Start by knowing exactly who matters most to your business. Then, you’ll want to ensure that whatever data set you’re using to learn about this audience has enough depth and breadth to provide insights that aren’t just accurate, but also meaningful to your business.

The sheer amount of data that we collect at Pandora could be seen as overwhelming, but for us, it’s the best way for us to communicate with our listeners. Our 94.4 million monthly listeners [1] create over 1 BILLION data points on a daily basis - from adding new songs to playlists, to thumbing up or down a song, it’s safe to say that Pandora understands your personal music preferences better than any other music streaming service out there today. We use this data to not only serve you the songs that best match your preferences, but to also to constantly innovate on our products and services.

It’s this data that allows us to not only connect marketers with their target audiences on Pandora (especially when using our Audience Explorer or our Artist Affinity tools), but also to identify emerging artists that are currently trending as well as make predictions on an artist’s likelihood of success.

Predicting the Winners

So even though Grammy winners aren’t decided based on song or album popularity, we decided to use our data to make some predictions for who will come away with one of those coveted statues. We looked at the number of times a listener gave a song a thumbs up and compared that to the number of times that song was played on Pandora over the last year. Using this methodology of strongest thumbs-to-spin ratio allowed us to make predictions that weren’t just centered around mainstream acts.

So who do we think will win Album of the Year? Let’s just say we will be DAMN surprised if it isn’t Kendrick Lamar. As for Song of the Year, our money is on “Despacito”.

To see a list of all our Grammy winner predictions, check out the original post in Forbes.

Tell us: which artist/s are you hoping takes home a win this year? Tweet us at @PandoraBrands.

Source: comScore, “Media Metrix Multi Platform” December 2017 (mobile P13+)

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