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  • June 30, 2016
  • 1 minute read

Summer Break Means Back-to-School for Marketers

A Look at Back-to-School Shopping Trends Across Key Audiences

June 29, 2016

School is a fact of life for most people. Whether you are a student, the parent of a student or both, preparing for the next school year with the right supplies and accessories is important. The right notebook could be the difference between staying on top of due dates and feeling overwhelmed with homework. The right laptop could mean getting your work done faster and better. And the right outfit can help you start the school year off feeling comfortable and confident.

Back-to-school shopping matters.

The start of summer is when marketers need to think about how to reach their back-to-school shoppers and drive bottom-line sales for their brands. This is an intense shopping season, second only to the holidays, so nailing your media plan is a must!

The trick is to understand how each back-to-school stakeholder shops. Successful sales will hinge on communicating not only with parents, but also Millennials, Young Adults and Multicultural shoppers in ways that resonate with each audience.

We recently conducted a Soundboard listener panel to discover how these audiences approach back-to-school shopping. What we found is that they each research and purchase at different times throughout the summer, and even after school starts.

These valuable insights will help you understand the shopping habits of key back-to-school decision makers and how to pace your media strategy to make an impact when it matters most.

Start the back-to-school season off right. Read the full report.

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Pandora Soundboard Back-to-School Study, September 2015

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