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  • May 29, 2014
  • 1 minute read

Growing Event Awareness for a Local Winery – A Case Study

Temecula Valley Wine Growers Association, located in Southern California Winery, was searching for a creative way to effectively promote three annual tasting events: SIP, Crush, and Harvest. Traditionally a radio client, Temecula was eager to leverage creative digital solutions on a dynamic platform to reach a wider, logged-in audience. Pandora recognized the unique opportunity and jumped onboard to help the local winery get their message across in a creative and measurable way.

The Opportunity

Speaking to the goals of many local businesses, Temecula was looking to reach a targeted local audience within a crowded space filled with digital messaging. Temecula wanted to first generate event awareness by targeting the local audience from San Diego County. The Association was also ultimately looking to increase qualified leads and ticket sales from the previous year.

Dynamic Duo: Pandora Solutions

Pandora leveraged the efficiency of Audio and Display Everywhere products to boost excitement around the events and generate advanced ticket sales through a traffic-driving promo code. The campaign also targeted San Diego County specifically, driving the message to their intended local audience.

The Results

  • TVWA reported that Pandora was the number one referring site for this campaign, speaking to the success of our traffic-driving ad solutions.
  • Mapping back to one of the original campaign goals, more advanced tickets were sold for Crush and SIP than they had in years prior—boosting sales overall.
  • By leveraging a cross-platform campaign through Audio and Display Everywhere, paired with Geo-County Targeting, the TVWA was able to accurately reach their audience, and therefore resulting in high engagement and significant campaign interaction.

Measuring Success

Temecula was more than pleased with the success of their campaign on Pandora. “When we first started the campaign, we checked analytics weekly and Pandora was the top referring site for both event pages!” said Audrey Patterson of Ark Marketing. “At the end of the campaign it was obvious that Pandora delivered more results than any other media and increased overall ticket sales. We were so pleased with the campaign”.

Targeting a local audience and leveraging Pandora Audio and Display Everywhere solutions allowed Temecula to connect their campaign to the intended audience in a creative way.

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