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  • May 13, 2014
  • 2 minute read

Real Campaigns, Real Results: The Town of Taos – A Case Study

The town of Taos, New Mexico was looking to create more impact in their tourism marketing initiatives to promote themselves as a year-round travel destination. With stunning landscapes, ideal weather, a robust art scene and world-class recreation, they knew their town wasn’t a hard sell. But they also knew they weren’t reaching enough of the right folks to increase tourism. We were happy to help.

The Opportunity

The town of Taos traditionally used local radio and digital media to drive its tourism marketing campaigns, but found that new local advertising solutions, like those offered by Pandora, could take their campaigns to another level.

Looking for innovative ways to extend its brand messaging and reduce media waste, the town worked with Pandora to precisely target Female Boomers and Generation Xers in its key feeder markets. They also wanted to reach employees of Sandia National Laboratory, one of Albuquerque’s largest employers, a key segment of Taos’ target audience, who are notoriously difficult to reach via online media due to Sandia’s strict web browsing policies. Fortunately, Pandora is the only streaming radio publisher available to Sandia Employees.

The campaign’s creative strategy focused on highlighting summer activities in Taos like cycling, photography, water sports and cultural activities.

At the end of day, any advertising solution must drive measurable results. For this campaign, the town of Taos measured success primarily by increased site traffic as well as by garnering anecdotal feedback from the Taos tourism community, which is a common focus for this industry.

The Pandora Solution

To achieve the campaign goals, Pandora built a strategic program including:

  • Audio Everywhere, including a companion display unit, to leverage the power of audio, achieve cross-platform reach, and drive site traffic
  • Geo-Targeting by DMA to hone in on the client’s key feeder markets including Albuquerque, Denver, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles
  • Demo-Targeting to focus on A35-54 and W55+ and reduce audience waste

The Results

Taos was thrilled with the results of their Pandora campaign. With the addition of Pandora to their existing media mix…

  • Site visits to increased 36%
  • Pandora became the #4 referring site among all of the search and travel websites used
  • Audio Everywhere display units received a 1.34 CTR; more than 9x higher than industry Travel category average*
  • The client received tremendous positive feedback from the Taos community and business leaders, helping them feel supported by the tourism campaign.

Why This Worked

Every impression on Pandora is a smart impression. The ability to precisely demo- and geo- target key audiences allowed the town of Taos to efficiently leverage its dollars, reaching only the right listeners and minimizing waste. Pandora’s targeting is powered by user registration data, so there’s no guesswork or estimates like with traditional broadcast media.

Local advertisers “Make it a Moment” on Pandora. The clean and uncluttered environment on Pandora helped the town’s campaign really shine. A :15 second audio spot paired with eye-catching display units resonated big-time with listeners, complementing their overall user experience. It’s a powerful one-two punch of audio and visual, taking every opportunity to make an impact.

We look forward to sharing more of these successes with you so watch this space as we continue to spotlight the power of Pandora. Because when Pandora plays, your message works.

To find out how Pandora can drive results for your business, contact your Pandora representative today or share your contact info here and we’ll be in touch.

*Source: Doubleclick Display Benchmarks: Travel category, 300×250 display unit, December – February 2014

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