• November 6, 2017
  • 1 minute read

#MusicMondays: Top Trending Artists Series

Have you ever dreamt of having the foresight to predict the next up and coming artists? Like your very own music looking glass. One that could tell you about the latest top trending artists that are far beyond one-hit wonders. Where you could impress all your BFFs with your music know-how by recommending the artists on the brink of becoming the next Bey or Jay. Where these artists are not dictated by radio hosts or DJs, but curated by humans…tens of millions of Pandora listeners every week. And as a marketer, you could easily identify up-and-coming artists to align with your brand for the holy grail of brand sponsorships.

Now you can with Pandora’s proprietary “music looking glass.”

Introducing the Pandora Trendsetters Chart. Every week we’ll release this Trendsetters Chart that ranks the top 20 up-and-coming artists trending on Pandora. What’s behind the science? Tens of millions of Pandora listeners create new music stations based on the artists and songs they want to hear each week, and these Charts measure the amount of new station creations for all artists across Pandora.

See this week’s top trending artists, and be sure to come back every Monday for the latest release of our Pandora Trendsetters Chart.

It’s time to evolve “#ManicMondays” into “#MusicMondays”.

Pandora Trendsetters Chart


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