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  • November 22, 2016
  • 2 minute read

Turn It Up: What The Future of Audio Looks Like

We talk a lot at Pandora about audio and how powerful it is, but the reality is it’s one of the oldest forms of media still being widely used today. Although, audio has come a long way from when President Coolidge first used it to communicate with his fellow Americans via radio broadcasting (a practice later perfected by FDR).

In today’s internet-driven world, the concept of reaching people outside of your home, office, or friendship group is now a reality. With the widespread adoption of new and inventive channels like social media and messaging apps, marketers now have more ways than ever to deliver messages to people they believe can use or benefit from their product or service. The power that audio can bring to marketers and advertisers has never diminished, but rather has evolved into other forms beyond radio such as video, TV, podcasts, and yes, even digital music streaming services like Pandora.

Predicting the Future

An ancient and important medium, music has always been an essential part of human culture. It’s also the center of what we do here at Pandora. Music is our passion and our reason for being. We believe in the power of music, and furthermore, the power that audio in general can have. That’s one of the many reasons we are branching out beyond the realm of music to bring you podcasts like This American Life and shows like Questlove Supreme.

But what does the future hold for audio? With the growing popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, audio can be anywhere and everywhere. Because of this, audio has been digitized and mobilized, making it a natural, easy and culturally relevant way for marketers to connect with their customers and prospects.

“As marketers, we have the responsibility to follow trends, consumer behavior and how they are consuming media. Digital audio is on the rise. It’s a big way younger audiences especially are consuming their music and content,” said Tiffany Kirk, SVP, Managing Director, West Coast Media Investments at Horizon Media.

So what does the future of audio look like? How are experts predicting it will evolve? Hear predictions from experts Tiffany Kirk, and Chris Smith, Brand Creative Group Head for The Richards Group, in this video:

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