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  • March 13, 2020

Episode 21: Fashion, Audio, and Polar Bears with Rebecca Minkoff

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast, special edition! This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series—an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success.

In today’s episode, we sit down and chat with none other than fashion icon, Rebecca Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff is an entrepreneur, mentor, and huge advocate for women in the workplace. Using her company and success as a platform, she has created the Female Founder Collective, launched the I Am Many Campaign, and has found her voice through her podcast, Superwomen.

Listen for insight into her journey to the runway, why supporting women means so much to her, and how she’s doing her part to make you into a polar bear.

Executive Producer: Jocelyn Hudak
Editor: Alisha Paulsen
Host: Lauren D. Williams

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