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/ˈsaʊnd ˌtʃek/
a test of the musical instruments and recording equipment to make certain that everything is working and that the sound quality is good before the start of a show.

It’s time to listen, adjust, and perfect our sound.

Our Mission

No matter who you are, we are all navigating our new reality amid uncharted territory. Now more than ever, there is a need for us to pause, take a beat and tune in to what our audience needs.

We’re calling for a SoundCheck.

Here, we’ll survey the ever-changing landscape and share industry trends and insights on the impacts of the current crisis on consumers, advertisers and creators.

The Evolving Consumer Mindset

Consumer behavior is changing—and will continue to change with the circumstances. We’ll spend time checking in with consumers and examine the insights to help you maintain meaningful engagement with your audience and content that resonates, comforts, and moves them to action.

“Music is my home, my safe place, and my best friend. It has provided me strength and comfort through this disappointing and frustrating situation.”

Pandora Listener

The Adapting Advertising Industry

Understanding the needs of consumers and accommodating quickly is key. We’ll dive into the data—both scientific and anecdotal—to explore the impact on the economic climate and advertising industry as it unfolds in real-time.

“As the industry comes together in this unprecedented time of need, it’s more important than ever to support these critical messages to help slow the spread and save lives.”

Steven Kritzman
SVP of sales

The Changing Creator Landscape

With access to time, tools, and technology, artists are connecting directly with listeners and releasing new music faster than ever. And these current trends just might determine the future of the industry.

“The shutdown has dramatically increased the consumption of new music via streaming, changing the landscape for all of us.”

Homero Espinosa, Producer & DJ

Proud to Support Our Partners

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