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  • September 13, 2013
  • 2 minute read

Pandora Drives 9% of Velveeta Shells & Cheese’s Annual Incremental Sales

Case Study:

Pandora Drives 9% of Velveeta Shells & Cheese's Annual Incremental Sales.

Kraft Foods, a global leader in the Food/CPG industry, wanted to secure the positioning of one of its flagship products, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, as the ultimate comfort food. In order to convince their Comfort Seekers target that Velveeta is a must-have product to keep on-hand in their pantries, Kraft needed solutions that would resonate with shoppers and drive them into stores to purchase Velveeta.

The Goal:

Kraft turned to Pandora as a strategic media partner who could help them to:

  1. Increase sales of Velveeta Shells & Cheese by reaching Comfort Seekers throughout their daily listening routines across Pandora’s platforms.
  2. Provide value to listeners and enhance their routines with unique executions and sponsorships.

The Opportunity:

Pandora presented Kraft with several unique opportunities to engage with listeners and provide value to their daily listening routines. These executions are high-impact and built upon engagement, making them ideal platforms to resonate with listeners and influence their shopping behaviors.

The Pandora Solution:

Pandora designed a campaign that would engage consumers at multiple touchpoints, both online and on-site. Audio served as the cornerstone of the campaign, with Velveeta’s western-themed ‘liquid gold’ message grabbing attention across Web & Mobile devices, along with Connected Home and Connected Car. Display units accompanied these spots on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

Since a key pillar of this campaign was to provide value to listeners, Velveeta employed sponsorships that provide a value exchange. As a beta sponsor for Sponsored Listening, they were able to offer listeners an hour of ad-free listening upon interacting with a Velveeta message.


Velveeta recognized the opportunity of experiential and participated in Pandora’s Country Event, a live concert in Nashville. Along with Kraft/Velveeta brand presence in things like RSVP media, Velveeta’s brand was definitely felt with on-site sampling. Attendees were able to try Velveeta’s ‘liquid gold’ from the Western-themed wagons set up at the event.

The Results:

The campaign proved to be a great success for both Velveeta and the Kraft parent brand, with Pandora’s solutions driving both offline sales lift and high listener engagement. Through Pandora’s partnership with Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and our internal analytics, we learned that the program:

  1. Accounted for 9% of Velveeta Shells & Cheese’s total incremental sales for the year, proving that Pandora’s solutions had a substantial impact on product sales.
  2. Exceeded Nielsen Catalina Solutions sales impact benchmarks for Kraft brands (+31%) and for the food category overall (+70%). This sales impact also translated to a 2X ROI.
  3. Generated a great deal of interaction with Velveeta’s executions, with over 1M engagements with Velveeta’s Sponsored Listening units.