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Propel Sees Lifts in Ad Awareness and Purchase Intent


  • Drive purchase intent for Propel’s Electrolyte Water
  • Gain top-of-mind relevance among exercise enthusiasts
  • Use first-to-market ad opportunity to inspire exercisers to move and get fit


Propel Electrolyte Water, an electrolyte replacement drink and part of The Gatorade Company, came to Pandora to assert their brand among the enhanced fitness beverage market, making it a top-of-mind choice for staying hydrated during workouts.


Propel partnered with Pandora to:

  • Inspire exercisers to get into motion with first-to-market ad executions that encourage listeners to move and get fit.
  • Communicate the hydrating benefits of Propel Electrolyte Water compared to the competition.
  • Bring Propel Electrolyte Water to the forefront of the enhanced fitness beverages market and maintain top-of-mind relevance.

The Opportunity:

The right tunes are critical for getting a good workout, so Pandora’s music platform was a natural fit for Propel. With personalized ad solutions, an engaged listener base and sophisticated targeting segments, Pandora was poised to help Propel effectively reached their target demographic of listeners who love to exercise. To further drive time spent with the brand during the campaign, Pandora brought to life two first-to-market, movement-based rich media units to get listeners moving and drinking Propel.

Pandora Solution:

In everything Propel does, they seek to hydrate and inspire exercisers. Pandora helped Propel design a campaign to achieve these goals using two engagement-based ad products:

  1. Sponsored Listening: An engagement-based solution where listeners could unlock an hour of uninterrupted listening for 15 seconds of active attention and engagement with a brand video or rich media ad unit.
  2. Custom Station: A total of four customized stations within the “Propel Power Workout” theme offered listeners a flexible listening experience designed to power any workout.

The most innovative component of Propel’s campaign literally got people moving. With Sponsored Listening, Pandora used the smartphone’s built-in accelerometer to let listeners wave and shake their phones to unlock an hour of uninterrupted listening. View the demo here.

Additionally, to launch Propel’s Power Workout stations, listeners could tilt their phones to reveal hidden Propel messaging and to add the station to their Pandora playlist. View the demo here.

To ensure the campaign reached the most relevant listeners, Propel targeted their media against Pandora’s sophisticated audience segments of Passionate Exercisers, Sports Drink Purchasers and Runners. The campaign also day-parted each ad placement and served creative that reflected local weather conditions. Propel reached early morning runners on sunny days and evening runners on cloudy days with cross-platform messaging that resonated and felt on-brand.


In just over four months, more than 264,000 listeners added one of the Propel Power Workout stations. The average time spent listening in the station outperformed Pandora’s internal benchmarks by 60%--that’s the equivalent of over 20 years of continuous time spent with the Propel brand! A robust mobile campaign on Pandora also successfully supported station listening, garnering a strong 4.4% CTR within the Sponsored Listening experience.

Across the campaign, Propel’s ad placements drove substantial lifts in awareness and purchase intent as measured by Millward Brown Digital. Post-campaign metrics confirmed that Propel’s campaign drove:

  1. 63% lift in Ad Awareness
  2. 60% lift in Purchase Intent

Watch the full campaign summary here.


“Pandora’s deeply personalized listening experience allowed us to authentically connect with fitness enthusiasts. Our partnership helped to bring a truly unique, movement-based campaign to a hyper-targeted audience during key exercise moments.”
- Gina Hardy, Senior Marketing Director, Propel

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