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Pass the Mic

Our Mission

One woman is powerful—together, their strength is limitless. As more and more women take their seats at the boardroom table and rise to the top, the empire of inspiring women is growing. Our mission? Amplify their voices and build a Fempire.

We’re shining a light on our biggest mentors in marketing and advertising who have given it all to make their dreams come true. We’re sharing stories, sparking conversations, and showcasing the true power of women helping women.

Let’s use audio to unite women, and let their voices shine.

“There is nothing more empowering than seeing women rise through the ranks to transform our industry. We are powerful beyond measure; let’s wield that power and pass it on.”

Nidia Serrano
Senior Director, Sales Marketing, Pandora
Welcome to the Fempire

Connecting Through Audio

Audio has the ability to connect people, form bonds, and evoke emotion unlike any medium. As leaders in audio, we’re honored to lend our platform to the voices of female leaders and changemakers to empower the next generation of women in business. From successes to struggles, women are stepping up to speak their truths and pass the mic.