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Power of Audio

The Power of Audio is an original podcast series brought to you from Pandora for Brands. Each episode takes a deep look into the ways audio and sound impact our lives. Together, we’ll explore how brands can harness audio to tell stories, create connections and drive advertising ROI.

Episode 40: Diversifying the Definition of Beauty with Jovan Martin

This year, we are spotlighting the Fempire—powerful female leaders and mentors who have earned their seat at the table and are committed to using that seat to enact meaningful change. We are honored to begin the conversation of mentorship and leadership with Unilever’s U.S. Head of Beauty and Personal Care Media, Jovan Martin.

Jovan, with years of agency and client-side experience, is committed to utilizing her role at Unilever to “help drive and inform [media] investment decisions that are intentional”. She facilitates meaningful and informed conversations around culture as it relates to beauty and personal care.

Tune in for more on:

  • Jovan’s legislative efforts within The CROWN Act led by the CROWN Coalition
  • Redefining beauty standards from the advertising side
  • How audio helps facilitate important conversations of change
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Episode 39: The Power of Saying Yes with Colleen Theis

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast. This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series — an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success.

In this episode of Pass the Mic, Pandora’s Nidia Serrano is joined by The Orchard’s Chief Operating Officer, Colleen Theis. Recently recognized as one of Billboard’s 2020 Women In Music Executives, Colleen manages The Orchard’s offices in 45 markets worldwide..

Tune in to an exciting conversation on the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone at every career level, and evolving with the music industry’s major structure and technology transitions. Over the past two decades Colleen’s role has transformed from an events organizer at New York’s Public Library to COO of an international music and entertainment distribution company.

Listen in for Colleen’s insight on:

  • Taking jobs tangentially related to the music industry, to work her way in
  • The value of expanding outside of your comfort zone to evolve as an individual
  • Tools for supporting other women in the workplace

Host: Nidia Serrano
Executive Producer: Ella Tatum  Learn More

Episode 38: Benchmarking the Industry with She Runs It

2020 turned everything on its head. And on the heels of Black Lives Matter, social movements and diversity & inclusion initiatives were accelerated like never before.

Organizations like She Runs It and women like Carol Watson (Chief Inclusion Officer, BCW Global) and Lynn Branigan (CEO & President, She Runs It) are behind some of the biggest D&I initiatives in the industry. In this episode, we sit down with Carol and Lynn to dive into #Inclusive100—and how it’s challenging some of the largest brands in the game to walk the walk.

Taped on: October 23, 2020

Host: Priscilla Valls, Vice President, Agency, Advertiser, & Industry Partnerships
Editor-in-Chief: Jocelyn Hudak
Editor: Ella Tatum  Learn More

Insights Lab

The Insights Lab Podcast brings Pandora and industry experts together to discuss new and actionable insights that can help marketers develop their audio strategy.

Episode 10: Leveraging Frequency as a Strategy

With Kantar Millward Brown


  • 2:00 - Why is there no magic bullet number?
  • 4:20 - What are the primary factors for thinking about frequency as a strategy?
  • 5:23 - Is more frequency always better?
  • 7:03 - When should you rotate your creative?
  • 9:38 - What are some current and future trends around frequency?

Choosing the optimal frequency for your campaign can seem like a daunting task, particularly because there are so many variables that go into choosing one. We’ve done a ton of research on the topic and unfortunately, there is no easy, universal number that will fit every campaign. However, our research has shown that there are ways to think about frequency strategically.

In this episode, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager on Pandora’s Ad Innovation Strategy team, virtually chats with Zachary DeWalt, Senior Director, Insights at Kantar Millward Brown, North America to discuss these topics. The conversation includes tips for when it might be time for creative rotation, why more isn’t always better, and how to generally start thinking about frequency through a strategic lens.

For more information about working with Kantar Millward Brown, please reach out to Zachary DeWalt at  Learn More

Episode 9: Using Insights to Fuel Your Creative Strategy

Episode Chapters

1:18 - How do you know if your value proposition is being correctly identified with your brand?
7:30 - How can you tailor your creative to target lower funnel activations?
16:40 - How does creative messaging impact perceived brand value and how can marketers optimize around that?

How is your brand represented in your creative? In exploring our new Test & Tune opportunity, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager of Ad Innovation Strategy, sits down with David Reiley, Pandora’s Distinguished Scientist, and Roger Gehrmann, Pandora’s Group Creative Director, to discuss how to use insights to create an actionable creative strategy.

This episode answers questions about how to increase your brand value in audio, how tactics that work in TV or social media might not be as effective in audio, and how to make sure your creative continues to resonate with your audience.

To learn more about how Test & Tune can provide insights into your next audio campaign, connect with us here!  Learn More

Episode 8: Test & Tune Tackles Causal Effects in Media

Episode Chapters

1:26 - What is the difference between correlation and causation?
5:54 - How does this correlation versus causation show up in advertising?
11:55 - There is a common practice of trying to slice and dice data to make your campaigns look good - but what risks are inherent in this practice?
19:04 - What is our new Test & Tune methodology and what advertiser problems is it solving for?

Data is more crucial for marketing than ever before, but are your campaigns set up to measure true causal effects? Why might your media mix model be giving your flawed information? And why does this all even matter?

In this episode, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager of Ad Innovation Strategy, chats with David Reiley, Distinguished Scientist at Pandora, about our new Test & Tune opportunities. Test & Tune uses a combination of randomized control groups and ghost ads to measure true causal effects of campaigns in order to provide advertisers greater insight into creative resonance and actionable opportunities for optimization.

To learn more about how Test & Tune can provide insights into your next audio campaign, connect with us here!  Learn More