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Power of Audio

The Power of Audio is an original podcast series brought to you from Pandora for Brands. Each episode takes a deep look into the ways audio and sound impact our lives. Together, we’ll explore how brands can harness audio to tell stories, create connections and drive advertising ROI.

Episode 28: Advertising In Crisis; Two Left Brains Don't Make a Right

Have you noticed commercials are starting to look the same? And chart-topping music seems to follow a similar recipe? Over the years, advertising has begun to ‘flatten’ and lose it’s sense of uniqueness and originality.

Advertising is becoming less emotional, more focused on short-term sales activation, and according to our guest, more appealing to the left brain. Orlando Wood, CIO of System1 Group and author of industry-renowned book Lemon. How the advertising brain turned sour, explains how this golden age of technology has led us to an advertising crisis (and now, advertising in a crisis).

This podcast covers everything from:

  • How advertising has fallen flat
  • The loss of long-term brand building
  • Right brain vs. Left brain and how they are affecting creativity
  • Why advertising should celebrate life in spontaneity
  • Advertising in crisis meets advertising in a crisis

For more insights on the ever-changing environment and what that means for advertisers, visit our SoundCheck.  Learn More

Episode 27: Pivoting Strong and Providing Solutions, Hip-Hop Star Lecrae on the Impacts of COVID-19

Chances are, you were planning to go to at least one show this summer—if not multiple. With everyone indoors and online, where does that leave entertainment?

We can’t deny that artists have been a hard hit community. And as a music company, it’s our responsibility to explore just what that means for artists and their fans. Turns out, there’s an opportunity for brands to support these initiatives and make an impact in the process.

As part of our special SoundCheck series, we’re talking to managers, marketing executives, and of course, musicians, to get their thoughts on the changes that lie ahead. In this episode, we sit down with hip-hop superstar and music executive, Lecrae, to explore the impacts of COVID-19 on the artist community.

The conversation explores everything from:

  • Why consistency matters across the board
  • What artists want from brands before entering partnerships
  • How to be innovative and adaptive in these new circumstances
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Episode 26: Being a Korean American Label Boss with TOKiMONSTA

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast. This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series—an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success.

This month, in celebration of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month), we talked to multi-talented artist TOKiMONSTA.

TOKiMONSTA is the Grammy-nominated musician, producer and label owner of Young Art Records. The Korean-American, Los Angeles native was the first female Asian American to be nominated for the Electronic Music Album Grammy award in 2018. TOKiMONSTA has been a trailblazer for women in music for over a decade and uses her platform to help launch other artists’ careers.

Tune in to TOKiMONSTA’s episode for her thoughts on:

  • Her Korean-American heritage and its influence on her music
  • The inspiration behind her new album, Oasis Nocturno
  • Recovery from major brain surgery
  • The paradigm shift for women in the industry

TOKiMONSTA has launched her own weekly show, The Lost Resort, live Thursdays at 3pm PST on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.  Learn More

Insights Lab

The Insights Lab Podcast brings Pandora and industry experts together to discuss new and actionable insights that can help marketers develop their audio strategy.

Episode 9: Using Insights to Fuel Your Creative Strategy

Episode Chapters

1:18 - How do you know if your value proposition is being correctly identified with your brand?
7:30 - How can you tailor your creative to target lower funnel activations?
16:40 - How does creative messaging impact perceived brand value and how can marketers optimize around that?

How is your brand represented in your creative? In exploring our new Test & Tune opportunity, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager of Ad Innovation Strategy, sits down with David Reiley, Pandora’s Distinguished Scientist, and Roger Gehrmann, Pandora’s Group Creative Director, to discuss how to use insights to create an actionable creative strategy.

This episode answers questions about how to increase your brand value in audio, how tactics that work in TV or social media might not be as effective in audio, and how to make sure your creative continues to resonate with your audience.

To learn more about how Test & Tune can provide insights into your next audio campaign, connect with us here!  Learn More

Episode 8: Test & Tune Tackles Causal Effects in Media

Episode Chapters

1:26 - What is the difference between correlation and causation?
5:54 - How does this correlation versus causation show up in advertising?
11:55 - There is a common practice of trying to slice and dice data to make your campaigns look good - but what risks are inherent in this practice?
19:04 - What is our new Test & Tune methodology and what advertiser problems is it solving for?

Data is more crucial for marketing than ever before, but are your campaigns set up to measure true causal effects? Why might your media mix model be giving your flawed information? And why does this all even matter?

In this episode, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager of Ad Innovation Strategy, chats with David Reiley, Distinguished Scientist at Pandora, about our new Test & Tune opportunities. Test & Tune uses a combination of randomized control groups and ghost ads to measure true causal effects of campaigns in order to provide advertisers greater insight into creative resonance and actionable opportunities for optimization.

To learn more about how Test & Tune can provide insights into your next audio campaign, connect with us here!  Learn More

Episode 7: You Gotta Work For It: Audio, Voice, and Earning Engagement with Frito Lay

Episode Chapters

2:11 - How can you effectively use audio to connect with consumers?
6:01 - We are currently going through a second renaissance of audio - what does that entail?
8:57 - What have we learned from consumers now that they have the ability to literally say “no” if they don’t want to hear your ad?
12:03 - The Doritos creative
14:15 - How can we think about measuring these new voice ads?
18:28 - Frito Lay was one of the first to market with their Snackable Notes Alexa skill - what advice do they have for other marketers who are just entering the voice space?

In this episode, Claire Fanning, Pandora VP of Ad Innovation, sits down with James Clarke, Sr. Director Media, Analytics & CRM at Frito Lay North America to discuss the challenges and opportunities that voice is introducing to the audio medium. James shares his approach to audio across the Frito Lay portfolio, how Doritos approached voice ads, and together they discuss how voice is giving brands an opportunity to be truly authentic through a new mode of consumer engagement.

For more information about how Pandora can help you achieve your own marketing goals, contact us here!  Learn More

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