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Power of Audio

The Power of Audio is an original podcast series brought to you from Pandora for Brands. Each episode takes a deep look into the ways audio and sound impact our lives. Together, we’ll explore how brands can harness audio to tell stories, create connections and drive advertising ROI.

Episode 21: Fashion, Audio, and Polar Bears with Rebecca Minkoff

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast, special edition! This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series—an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success.

In today’s episode, we sit down and chat with none other than fashion icon, Rebecca Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff is an entrepreneur, mentor, and huge advocate for women in the workplace. Using her company and success as a platform, she has created the Female Founder Collective, launched the I Am Many Campaign, and has found her voice through her podcast, Superwomen.

Listen for insight into her journey to the runway, why supporting women means so much to her, and how she’s doing her part to make you into a polar bear.   Learn More

Episode 20: Transforming Environments: Using 3D Audio to Enhance Brand Campaigns

Whether it’s a movie trailer whisking you away to a far away land, or a song taking you back in time, audio has a powerful effect. And, it’s come a long way—with new techniques that allow marketers to take flat 2D ads and transform them into captivating and immersive experiences. Join experts—Nick Fletcher of Studio Resonate, Max Abrams of Pandora, and Brian Yessian of Yessian Music—as they dive into what’s possible in the world of 3D Audio.

Are you ready to transport consumers into your branded world? Find out more about Studio Resonate here.   Learn More

Episode 19: Beyond Experimentation: The Latest in Audio Innovation

The future sounds crowded. How do you stand out in all the noise? Patrick Givens, head of VaynerSmart at VaynerMedia, joined Pandora to talk about strategies for what your brand is saying. Listen to find out how technology drives new approaches to innovation and what to do after the experimentation phase when it comes to voice.

Download the full Definitive Guide to Audio here or explore the digital tour.  Learn More

Insights Lab

The Insights Lab Podcast brings Pandora and industry experts together to discuss new and actionable insights that can help marketers develop their audio strategy.

Episode 8: Test & Tune Tackles Causal Effects in Media

Data is more crucial for marketing than ever before, but are your campaigns set up to measure true causal effects? Why might your media mix model be giving your flawed information? And why does this all even matter?

In this episode, Megan McCoy, Senior Manager of Ad Innovation Strategy, chats with David Reiley, Distinguished Scientist at Pandora, about our new Test & Tune opportunities. Test & Tune uses a combination of randomized control groups and ghost ads to measure true causal effects of campaigns in order to provide advertisers greater insight into creative resonance and actionable opportunities for optimization.

To learn more about how Test & Tune can provide insights into your next audio campaign, connect with us here!  Learn More

Episode 7 | You Gotta Work For It: Audio, Voice, and Earning Engagement

In this episode, Claire Fanning, Pandora VP of Ad Innovation, sits down with James Clarke, Sr. Director Media, Analytics & CRM at Frito Lay North America to discuss the challenges and opportunities that voice is introducing to the audio medium. James shares his approach to audio across the Frito Lay portfolio, how Doritos approached voice ads, and together they discuss how voice is giving brands an opportunity to be truly authentic through a new mode of consumer engagement.

For more information about how Pandora can help you achieve your own marketing goals, contact us here!  Learn More

Episode 6: Measuring Success Across the Entire Marketing Funnel with Audio

Audio is typically thought of as a way to drive upper funnel action—brand awareness, message association, and the like. But one burning question still remains: can it drive action throughout the rest of the funnel?

On this Insights Lab Podcast episode, we dig into this very question. Ad Innovation Sales Strategy Director, Kristen Hayashi, chats with Leah Atkinson, Media Lead, Brand & Performance at StubHub, about a recent Dynamic Audio campaign on Pandora. The key to using audio to drive conversion and action, Leah remarks, is recognizing that the line between brand and performance media is blurring. How are you leveraging brand affinity to drive the bottom line?

Key Episode Insights:

  • Audio is an excellent driver of awareness. In a large study with ~140 campaigns, audio drove a 7% lift in awareness and an 11% lift in message association.
  • Personalize your campaigns and mention your brand’s value prop to boost results. Using different creative for different contexts can be a game changer because it lets you personalize your creative at scale. Moreover, StubHub used language to highlight their specific, unique offerings, contributing to a 7% increase in purchase intent.
  • Consider running brand and performance campaigns simultaneously. Brand campaigns can help improve your performance campaign results. By running both at the same time, StubHub increased the efficiency of their performance campaigns by 2x.
  • Measure all of your campaigns holistically. Consumers are exposed through multiple touchpoints, so a collective measurement strategy allows you to understand the true value of the overall program and individual channels.

For more information about how Pandora can help you achieve your own marketing goals, contact us here!  Learn More

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